Crispy Leaves


This can be caused by multiple issues:

  1. The plant may not be getting enough water, Leaves having dry edges, and have more wrinkled effect. Be sure to give your plant an adequate amount of water until the soil is moist.
  2. Too much light, the plant is unable to take the intense amount of light it is receiving so it is starting to dry up. The leaves may start to appear discolored (sunburnt) and have dry edges. Give your plant less light by adjusting the environments light options.
  3. Too little humidity, or moisture in the air. Try adding more humidity by adding a water pebble tray to your plant, or by giving it a humidifier machine.

Note: Enclosing it in a terrarium is an option, but make sure to check up on the plants frequently because high humidity can also cause bacterial or fungal infections if not properly monitored.