Does soil really matter?

It really does.

There are specific species of plants that require a loamy mix or a more airy mix.

Loamy mixes are filled with sand, silt, and clay, these are typically used for cacti and succulents.

Airy mixes consist of plant matter, typically a type of bark and other components. These are used for the more tropical plants, like philodendrons, monsteras, calatheas, and more.

Both mixes give plants aeration (air in soil), but using the wrong mix can dry out your plants roots or suffocate them. Our selection of Succulent mix and Aroid mix are available for sale on our website.

Find out what type of soil your plant species needs:

Premium Succulent Potting Mix:

Aloe, Agave, crassula, “Cactus”, Cereus, Euphorbia, Echinopsis, Opuntia, Pachycereus

Premium Aroid Potting Mix:

Anthurium, Calathea, Chlorophytum, Ctenanthe, Dracaena, Epipremnum, Ficus, Goeppertia, Monstera, Philodendron, “Pothos”, Sansevieria, Scindapsus, Tradescantia, Hoya