Toxicity, Handling, & "Health Benefits"

What if my Children or pet chewed or ate my plant?

Although a plant may be safe for children or pets, we highly recommend you reach out to your local authorities if ingested, including poison control and your medical provider for further directives. We are not an edible plant company and we are not medical advisors nor medical professionals, but we do care about your safety!

We encourage you to keep plants in safe spaces away from the reach of children or pets. try putting them on a higher shelf or in an enclosed terrarium.

Handling Plants

We do not recommend handling plants directly with your hands. This is because many plant species produce a latex or white sap that can be very irritating to the skin.

Other reasons are that the plant may have thorns or spines which can prick the skin. In rare cases, natural bacteria/ fungus occurring in the environment can be transferred to the plant, making the plant unwell.

Using gardening gloves is recommended because it allows for you and your plant to be safe.

"Health Benefits"

The "Health Benefits" found on the plant information page are not medical advices, healthcare regulations, or FDA-approved sources. These sources have come from resources found in traditional cultures, information found on the internet and search engines, and by word of mouth from other "plant-experts". We are not medical advisors and do not advise you to follow the health benefits, these "health benefits" are to be used at your own discretion.