What is Variegation?

A Regular Monstera deliciosa Leaf  

A Variegated Monstera deliciosa Leaf

A Diversity of colors

A Variegated plant means that the plant has different colored leaves, stems, fruit, and/or flowers. This can make a plant seem more appealing to plant enthusiasts. Variegation is random in which every pattern is unpredictable. Making some plants have either lots or small amounts of variegations. Some variegation patterns is also more stable than others.

Variegation is the part of the plant cell that lost the ability to produce chlorophyll (nutrients for the plant), making the green color absent in these areas. This means that the plant will still need to have some of the original color to make nutrients for itself. A variegated plant can sometimes produce "ghost" leaves, which are completely variegated leaves with no color. This can seem really beautiful, but if this pattern continues, the plant will slowly start to die. So make sure the variegation is well balanced.

With this being said, a plants variegation doesn't always mean the color will be white. Some plant variegations can range in many shades of colors, including light green, yellow, red, pink, and more!

Philodendron 'Pink Princess'