About Us

We are environmental enthusiasts with a range of skills involving biology, health, biochemistry, and management. Using our knowledge in how things work to carefully nurture each plant and give insight about each plant.

Our Mission:

Empower people to get connected with nature and the environment by finding their unique plant. We believe that plants nurture us in return by improving our mental and physical health. We cater each plant to ensure they are healthy and verdant. Plant inspection is taken seriously in our team, assuring that each plant is free from pests and harmful microbes. We have a big selection of plants that are rightfully valued for their availability. We readily offer information and tips in plant techniques to ensure people know the characteristics of each plant. We do this to give you transparency with your new plant and allow it to thrive and grow with you.

In addition to “planty” things, our products are shipped with sustainable measures which include the use a mixture of biodegradable and up-cycled plastics and materials, a reduction of waste packing materials, and ethical shipping practices. We reduce resource waste by introducing effective watering methods and by using nursery pots that are substantial to each plant. By reducing nursery pot sizes, your new plant can adjust to your environment easier and plastic consumption is condensed.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to allow each individual feel comfortable with becoming a plant person and have a stress-free escape with plants. We want you to step back into nature and grow with your plant. We aspire to partner with and create more sustainable methods to reduce and manage waste in shipping costs of our unique personal plants. Creating more sustainability in the environment in the long run.